Medina Powder Coating Hydro Dipping


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Hydro dipping may also be referred to as Hydro graphics, water transfer printing, hydro imaging, Camo dipping, aqua graphics, and hydro printing just to name a few of the other generic names.


Hydro dipping is a technique that involves laying a poly vinyl film on water in a large dipping tank. A chemical activator is then sprayed over the surface level of the water, where the poly vinyl film is floating and thus the film becomes ink floating on the surface of the water. Your object is then slowly dipped into the tank and like magic the pattern is transferred. The final step in the process is the application of a clear coat which will not only enhance, but also protect the finish of whatever it is you are having dipped. This coat can be matte, glossy, or satin, and helps to protect the finish from all sorts of damage. It’s about as durable as the clear coating used in automotive finishes


Here at Medina Powder Coating we have the capability to do small or large jobs. Medina Powder Coating also offer the option to do custom jobs which would involve creating your own image or pattern to be applied. Some of the more popular patterns available are the camouflage, wood grains, marbles and carbon fibers. From camo to carbon fiber or flames to florals and hundreds of other patterns to choose from there is no doubt that we offer a patterns to suit everyone’s tastes.


The versatility of hydro dipping is just another bonus of this mind blowing process. Just about any material you can imagine can be dipped including plastic, fiberglass, wood, metal and glass.

Hydro dipping can be applied to customize an array of items such as:

  • Instruments (guitars/ drums)
  • Sporting equipment (guns/cross bows)
  • Auto, Truck, RV accessories (panels/rims)
  • Furniture

Whether you are looking to customize something big or small Medina Powder coating has got you covered.


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